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“The city has many voices, each with a different story to tell.
This one started around 3am at the back of the Tropicana
night club. A small time crook called Charlie got shot.
Nothing much to remark there you might think.
Happens all the time...

The name’s Johnny - Johnny Thursday. Everything good has
always happened to me on a Thursday. But today was Friday.
I’m a private detective. I don’t do murders but I do just about
everything else. I have principles, but they need some revision.”

A classic Noir tale told through dance with specially composed music and
voiceover script. The only colour is in the dancers costumes. The set is a
Sin City style black and white giant comic strip (designed by Caspar Williams)
projected on large hanging gauze backdrops. The protagonists move through
a dark city landscape - rain washed streets, nightclubs and seedy hotel rooms.

Features live band Stella Starr & the Allstars playing in the nightclub scenes.