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Work in Progress.

An atmospheric theatre spectacle inspired by the original Fantômas serial by Louis Fueillade using ilusionary Magic Lantern and cinematic effects within the macabre theatre setting.

Based on the books by Marcel Allain & Pierre Souvestre, the Fantômas serial in 1913 was Feuillade’s first masterpiece in what the modern critic, from both a literary and a cinematographic point of view, would later call "the fantastic realism" or the "social fantastic".

He is credited with developing many of the thriller techniques used famously by Fritz Lang, Alfred Hitchcock and others.

Feuillade is primarily known for the serials Fantômas, Les Vampires and Judex.

FANTOMAS: THE CORPSE WHO KILLS (Le Mort Qui Tue, 1911), the third
and perhaps most inventive book in this astonishing series, was acclaimed by
the Surrealists for its dream-like imagery, wanton cruelty and gallows-black humour.