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"Imaginative, enjoyable, hilarious, sexy, sumptuous and sensuous"
Three Weeks Brighton Festival Review, May 2009.

Femmes Fatales started out as an extravagant dance theatre show, part of which
previewed at The Famous Spiegeltent at Brighton Festival 2005 and again at The Old
Market Arts Centre in 2009 to sellout acclaim. It is soon to be made into a feature length
film planned to tour with scenes from the show performed on stage. The show tests
the boundaries of expectations between cinema and live show!

Partly inspired by the great Burlesque Revues of the past (eg. Ziegfeld Follies, Moulin
Rouge), Femmes Fatales incorporates bizarre comedic elements of British Music Hall with
archetypal artistic references to create a magical show of surreal beauty and humour.
The show plays with the iconic representations of Woman as both elusive Goddess and
Muse, with the darker more complex image of the seductive ‘Man Eater', whilst exploring
transgender issues of femininity. Femmes Fatales explores the various female archetypes
within the context of how women are still being represented today by the media. The show
takes us on a surreal and beautiful journey through the ages where various Tableaux
Vivantes are brought miraculously to life. We see the classic iconography of Goddess, Muse and Seductress in her many disguises and the ‘girl next door' Pin Up played out against a dreamlike moving backdrop of imagery on the big screen. The show mixes dance and mime with large scale moving and still projections as an constantly changing backdrop to magical and potent effect. The music in the show is a skilful blend of set pieces with music specially composed by Rory Cameron alongside tunes from such diverse ‘cult icons’ as Iggy Pop, PJ Harvey, Goldfrapp and the Tindersticks.

Femmes Fatales brings into question the image of women in the 21st Century. Has it
fundamentally changed through the ages and, if so, how? Why has there always been a
need for glamour and ‘mystique' surrounding women and has Reality TV changed all that?
What do women aspire to these days, how do they want to be perceived, and do the core
values of Feminism still hold true today? What is the currently fashionable New Burlesque
movement saying about women's attitudes to their own sexuality and portrayal in society?
We hope to address some of these questions with follow up discussions.
There will also be workshops tied in with this show where participants can work on
choreographed routines and discover how the costumes were made.