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A three part ballet, dedicated to my father Jeff Keen, celebrating the English countryside and ever changing weather.

1. The colour of rose petals, the glimmer of songbirds

Abstract ballet exploring colour tones/texture/theme of roses and
shimmering light.

Music by Elgar and also featuring birdsong + projected colour backgrounds
and FX.

2. Force of Nature

Begins with a performance to a reading by Richard Burton of Dylan Thomas’
“The force which through the green fuse drives the flower drives my green age”.
Abstract ballet celebrating the life force in Nature. Footage from the Powell and
Pressburger film
Gone To Earth.

Music: Jim Jones Revue and P. J. Harvey.

3. Elemental

Dance piece using large scale back projections of different weather and light effects with dramatic sound FX:
Lightning/storms, rain, wind, dappled sunshine on water etc.
Dancers dressed as owls, foxes and other creatures.

Live rap/music by Professor Elemental (TBC).