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This is, in many ways, a classic ‘fairy tale’ of the quest for happiness, the happy ending
and the eternal themes of love and redemption. It is suitable for adults and children
from the age of 10+.

The show begins and ends at a small wooden house in the woods.
The ‘heroes’ are a boy and girl of about 12 (played by adults). During the course of the
performance they ‘grow up’

The show is interactive - the audience follows the actions of the main protagonists and
actively engage in what happens to them - like an adventure game. There are Guides
along the way to narrate and lead them through the play. They are also given three wishes
to make during the course of the show &/or some riddles to answer which will be posed
by the Guides and other characters they meet en route. How they perform these tasks
affects how they move to the next stage. There will be paths to follow, lit by paper lanterns
and projected images.

It’s a very ambitious site specific production - a collaborative piece - working with an
already established theatre company who are used to doing this kind of promenade
performance. A professional cast of actors/dancers is required + technical crew
including lighting designer, sound designer and technician etc.

The set will be designed and implemented by two artists.
Installation artist Beatrice Pentney (Punchdrunk) will design the wooden house with it’s
moving mechanical interior parts, very much in the macabre style of Jan Svankmajer and
the Brothers Quay.
Performer, lighting designer and artistic practitioner Gabriel Burden will design and build
the Baba Yaga on stilts. (
There will also be a contribution from local printmakers John Simpson and Sarah Young
to project some of their work through the trees.
The wooden house in the woods is the main set (Beatrice Pentney’s installation). All other
scenes are acted out in woodland in specially lit areas. There will be lighting in the trees
and from projected light from projectors.